Wastemaid waste disposers


The #1 performance leader in food waste disposers

WasteMaid comes from Anaheim USA, one of the largest and most successful manufacturers in the world with millions of satisfied customers. It is precision-engineered; made from tough, durable materials of the highest quality. WasteMaid disposers are easily installed under the kitchen sink, where it will give you years of trouble-free service.

A Healthier Home

Hygienists recommend WasteMaid because instant removal of food waste helps protect your home against unwanted insect and rodent infestation.

Reduces Odours

Your WasteMaid helps eliminate unpleasant odours from your kitchen as there is no longer any need to store decaying garbage.

Quiet Convenience

Meal preparation, cooking and cleanup are easier and faster when you drop all your scraps into your sound insulated WasteMaid disposer.


The stainless steel working parts of your WasteMaid are guaranteed against corrosion for life. The mechanical parts are guaranteed against breakdown for between 5 and 10 years.

WasteMaid Disposers can be installed in kitchens during construction or as retrofits.

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