About Newark

Work with the Professionals

Newark Systems (Pty) Ltd and its associated company Healthier Homers Retail Franchises (Pty) Limited were established in 1997 and 1995 respectively and have directed their focus on products that make living more convenient and more healthy.


The product that has been the platform from which the business has grown is the BEAM Central Vacuum System from BEAM Industries USA, a subsidiary of Electrolux. The addition of Sistem-Air professional and industrial Central Vacuum Systems, designed and manufactured in Italy, has completed our Central Vacuum portfolio,
BEAM Industries have sponsored clinical research conducted through a leading Medical Faculty that demonstrates the dramatic improvements to health and physical comfort in homes that install the BEAM system, and we recommend to our customers that they read the results of this research on this web site.

Central to our philosophy is the view that:

Every time we install a BEAM or Sistem-Air central vacuum unit, we’ve enhanced the life of a family: or a group of workers

  • We’ve made their living environment healthier.
  • We’ve added convenience to their lifestyle.
  • We’ve added to the capital value of their home or enhanced the efficiency of a business.
  • We’ve sold a superb product with a “conditional guarantee”

Newark Systems (Pty) Ltd. is at the hub of a network of Dealers around the country. All independent, yet all subscribing to the philosophy of “TEAM NEWARK”.

The hallmark of Team Newark service, most especially on BEAM and Sistem-Air vacuum network installations, is meticulous management liaison with all Professionals, Contractors and sub-Contractors as well as the Owner, from inception to hand-over to ensure a problem free installation.

This applies as much to retrofits as to new buildings. Our Skilled Fitting Crews are also in continual contact with Site Foremen to ensure a trouble free installation. Only quality approved vacuum fittings are installed and each network is pressure tested for vacuum drop-off prior to hand-over. The installation is guaranteed subject to maintenance and Team Newark provides on-going network maintenance to support this guarantee.